Friday, June 20, 2008

News From the REBT Network

REBT Moves Forward
The first two of a series of summit conferences on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy recently concluded.  A special meeting on training and development followed. The outcome of both the summit conference and training conference points to an exciting future for REBT as developed by Dr. Albert Ellis.


 International REE Committee Formed
The formation of an international committee to advance Rational Emotive Education is a major step towards the introduction of REBT to school students around the world.


 New Ebook Released
The REBT Network is pleased to announce the release of  How to Conquer Your Frustrations by Dr. William J. Knaus. This (PDF) eBook is available as a free download from the REBT Network website. The Network is grateful to Bill Knaus for making this book available all. How to Conquer Your Frustrations shows you how to accomplish what you want in life, and how to apply revolutionary stress-reducing strategies to rid yourself of destructive habits -- smoking and overeating, among others -- and of impatience, worry, depression, and boredom.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for building this new Blog.

Just a quick question?

Does anyone know if Albert's last 2 books (on Love and All Out - his autobiography) will be released and when?


Sanjay said...

Dear friend,

"All-out" is in final stages of publication. We may see it soon.

Please write more on this blog. This blog will be enriched by your participation.

Best wishes,

Unknown said...


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Anonymous said...
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